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God Persuing Man

Blog by Craig Twitchett

I heard Reinhard Bonnke use this on the Father of lights film. In other religions man pursues God, in the christian faith God persues man.

The past few weeks have been incredible. The amazing thing is in the midst of storms and trouble the Father becomes so clear its amazing!

‘If in doubt worship’ (Bill Johnson, Hosting the presence). This I am learning. I keep having amazing encounters with the Father, its spreading. Its so amazing. More God! I don’t say this to blow my own trumpet I say it because I want to encourage you to go after God and to pray that I’ll go after God also more. For deeper encounters with Father. His presence is always there its just being aware of it, pressing into it, even when your busy and bam there it is. Its amazing. Thank you God for your presence, more please!!!

Church too has been amazing. On the 9th August Rebekah Purkiss spoke about how amazing God is. About his love. It was amazing! I’d just been reading about God’s love the day before. I dived into my bible app and searched the term God’s love and started writing tonnes of it down on a bit of paper I pulled from an old diary. God’s presence was so real in this service it was amazing and the word was in season and so right! She also did dance, prophetic dance is so powerful, again a few days after this more confirmation this time from Bill Johnson again in the book hosting his presence. Bill Johnson spoke about how sometimes he’d ask this particular prophetic dancer to go do some dancing in a service as he felt there was something going on, pastors have this great gift of discernment and so the dancing started and immediately it changed.

There is power in prophetic dance! I can’t dance but if you can, do it! I really felt a message from that dance that day, one word in particular springs to mind ‘Freedom’!

(Please note, I said God’s presence in this service, but I’d like you to note God’s presence is always there and wherever we go, its whether we/I am aware of it or not)

Again last Sunday 16th August, the Holy Spirit took over the service. I felt waves of his presence, man it was amazing! There was spontaneous worship for the second week in a row. It is moments like this when we begin to see heaven invading earth. Man we need this more! When we just stop and let God its so powerful as I know was demonstrated last Sunday. We did communion which felt extra special, I was walking round and man it was like.. there. It was incredible. Then Pastor Derrick bought a word. It begun in Psalms 139 and then…. I begun to cry, as he spoke about the story of the prodigal son returning. God is doing something deep in my life, I can’t really explain it, you can’t really perhaps always see it, but he’s moving deeply in my life. I’m so thankful. Like I of all people don’t deserve it. I don’t deserve his grace, I don’t deserve his mercy, But he still moves, he says I love you, you are my son. he’s so wonderful. I wish people I see and meet will also experience this, I’d love to pray for people to experience this, I pray even while you are reading this you will experience more of the fathers love.

Where can I go from your presence God! Wherever I go you are there! When I run from you even then you are there! Whatever part of the world I go or have been you are there! On the sea, in the air on the dry land you are there! In the storm you are there Jesus! You’re the healer, the Saviour of my soul! You make me whole!

So what can I say to all this, what can I do in response to this, but offer this life, this heart completely to God.

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