Prayer Mission

Prayer Mission

We have been incredibly blessed over the last few years to be visited by Prayer Missionaries from South Korea.


The history of the Korean church originates from the work accomplished by a missionary from the UK in the 1860s. 

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In South Korea they are experiencing revival, and they want to pray passionately for the UK for revival to come in this place.


In 2014 we heard that teams of Prayer Missionaries were visiting the UK for a week over the summer to link with churches and prayer for their local area. 

We jumped at the opportunity to have such a visit and were so blessed by their dedication and passion for prayer.


The opportunity was again extended to our church in 2015, and again we jumped at the chance and were incredibly blessed by their prayer and learn much from them.




In June 2016 we were thrilled to have Boram Lee join our church as a Prayer Missionary for a whole year! Every day she prayed for us, our church and our local area, as well as getting involved in all aspects of church life.

​Her gifts were of great value to us, from playing piano and bass guitar in the worship team to helping with mums and toddlers, and even cleaning the church.

​Her selflessness and obedience have been such a blessing and we have been inspired by her dedication to prayer. Our church has been growing and thriving as a result of her prayer for us, and we are sure that the fruits of her work her will continue to grow in the years to come.

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