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Report on Sabbatical : Corporate Prayer, its practice and effectiveness in and for a Pentecostal set

Corporate Prayer; its Practice and Effectiveness in and for a Pentecostal Setting Rev. Derrick and Ann Wilks Sabbatical 2018 Ann and I have been in ministry now for 15 years; we have been the ministers at Leigh on Sea for the last 10 years; and in the spring of 2018 we took an eight week Sabbatical to consider “Corporate Prayer; its practice and effectiveness in and for a Pentecostal setting”. Before we embarked on this quest our elder prayed and prophesied that we would have a blank Canvas to work with. This was apt as we all come to ventures with our own preconceived ideas. It is easy to make sweeping statements; we need to evidence our thoughts and ideas from Scripture and in practice. As

The Final Countdown

Well almost! This will be the last blog about our time away on sabbatical, next week we will be back. We said that this would be a very personal experience for us as we took time away from the busy life of church and ministry. It's true we have learnt some new facts and explored some new ideas and concepts which we will share with you over the coming weeks but at its heart this has been a very personal journey. For almost four weeks I stuggled with not 'doing'. I am a driven person and anyone who knows me knows that I hate being still and will rush from one job to another, so what do you do when there are no church things to do, ironing and hoovering all help to fill in the time but it's not

Role Models

Ann and I are now almost done with our time away. We have visited cathedrals and small local churches, big prayer gatherings and small events, read books listened to CDs, watched live stream events and so much more. We have seen and learn stuff that will make us think about Prayer in a different way for years to come. I guess we have all seen the news reports of the increase in Knife crime in our cities especially London and the suggestions that it is spreading out as far as Southend. Over the weekend we watched a utube interview of a gang leader in London explaining just how easy it was to recruit youngsters into his drug gangs. How they were keen to join because they saw him and the other


When we started this sabbatical we said it was going to be a personal journey of exploration as we examined in detail claims and practices about prayer. It has been a challenging time and as we start to pull together all the threads that we have so far learnt that is still the case. We have visited 3 Cathedrals, attended prayer meetings in churches great and small, been taught in a Prayer School, visited a Christian retreat centre, watched videos on prayer, Live-streamed events and read numerous books. We have looked for the evidence of their various claims and then given it the Litmus test of our own experiences. Some claims simply do not stack up, others seem to have elements of truth and

Anniversaries are Great

Anniversaries are great On the 5th August Ann and I will be celebrating our Ruby Wedding . We will have been married 40 years but have known each other 45. We plan on having a garden party at the Manse that day; it’s a Sunday so you are all welcome so make a date in your diaries. You may have seen the stuff on face book wishing Ann and me a happy birthday, and realized that there might be a mistake. The truth is we often use different details when we sign up for social media accounts in case the data is hacked in which case it won’t do anyone any good. Important stuff like banks have my real details. This year April 1st was a Sunday, that doesn’t happen very often and even less frequently as

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