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After our vibrant worship service on a Sunday morning, we prepare for a full week of activities for our community and our church family. We are blessed to have so many volunteers who can help to organise and support each of our activities.


This is the place to find out more about what Leigh Elim is all about.

Toddler Group

Tuesday and Thursday at 9.30 am - 11:30am.

Just £2 per family.


Come early as we often get full.

Toys, games, stories, songs. Mix with parents and children of similar ages to your own.

Tea, coffee and biscuits, toast and apples included.

Getting the most out of your Christian Faith

Every Tuesday at 8pm

Over the coming weeks if you are a new believer or even just seeking we will be looking at Biblical Truths that will help give you a strong foundation on which to build your faith.

For those of us that having been serving the Lord many years, we pray that these sessions will strengthen our faith, perhaps reminding us of some truths we have forgotten.

All are welcome!

Each session we will be praying for those in need.

Community Choir

Every Wednesday evening at 7:30pm.

From 25th September we will be resuming our community choir, where we will be meeting together to have some fun singing a range of songs in the lead up to Christmas, including some traditional carols as well as some songs that are a little bit different.

It's free, it's fun, and no previous experience is necessary!

Just come along and have a great time!

Prayer and Fasting

Every Wednesday

In the bible, we regularly read of people engaging and committing to God in times of prayer and fasting.

In a way of showing commitment to God in amongst our busy day, we are encouraging each other to pray together on topics that we share over our prayer network on Band, as well as committing to fasting, whether that being food, or fasting social media for a day.

Powerful things can happen when we show God we are willing to give him our full attention, even if it means sacrificing something of ourselves.

Impact KIDS!

An evening of lots of fun and games for children aged 5 - 10 from 6:15 - 7:15 pm every Friday.

We have lots of games equipment including; 


Table Tennis ~ Duplo ~ Air Hockey ~ Table Football ~ Games Consoles

& More


We also have some group games during the evening. 


We spend some time learning more about Jesus and what we can learn from the bible.


An evening of fun, games and fellowship for Young People aged 10 - 17, from 7:30 - 9:30 pm every 1st - 3rd Friday.

We have lots of games equipment including; 


Table Tennis ~ Pool ~ Air Hockey Badminton ~ Table Football

Games Consoles & More


We also have some group games during the evening. 


We spend some time learning more about how Jesus can impact our lives today, even in the ever-changing world we see around us.


We usually meet at the Church, but some weeks we go out for events and activities such as ice skating, bowling, laser quest etc. 


We have lots of new things happening here. Come and be a part of it all!

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Special Youth Training Event

On a first come, first served basis, this term we are beginning a new training series with Maureen, teaching our young people how to be safe, hygienic and safe in the kitchen.

Leading up to earning their own certificate, we will be working with small groups as they learn key skills to help them as they transition into adult life, and also to help prepare them for new ways in which they could serve the church.

Talk to Phil & Maria or Maureen to sign up!


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