We all make mistakes, the biggest is leaving God out of our lives and trying to do it on our own.

We all know that we have made mistakes and the Bible simply calls that sin.

God does love you but He want to keep heaven a perfect place so He says you are welcome to join Him but you must leave all that sin behind. The question is, How?

We can never do enough to be considered perfect so that sin is always with us.

There is an answer and that answer is Jesus.

God sent His Son to earth to pay the cost, the punishment for our sins. He died in our place and offers us forgiveness as a free gift. All we have to do is say YES and commit to live lives that honour Him.

Allowing God into our lives changes us and starts an exciting journey of discovery. God becomes 'Our Father' and we His loved children. He is there for us when we are in need and He is there to share our pleasure.

So what is stopping you? Why not accept that gift of forgiveness now?

So, how do I become a Christian?

Here is a Simple Prayer You Can Say

Jesus, I know I have left you out of my life and I have gone my own way.

Will you forgive me and help me to follow you? Reveal yourself to me, show me that you are real.


If you said that prayer or are thinking about it then we would like to help you. 

We have a free booklet we would love to send you which explains more of the Christian Faith. 

To request a copy of 'On Your Marks', contact us here, Simply let us know your address and we will send the book to you without any obligation whatsoever.

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