Firstly email the pastors and ask to join (


Once you do you will be sent an invite to join the group. You will need to access BAND either;


Sign up either with your mobile number, email address or link through Facebook.


Once you have done this you can join the Leigh Elim Prayer Network Band. The pastors will approve you being added to this and away we go.

Prayer at Leigh Elim

More About BANd

Band makes it possible to create secure groups which can only be joined by invitation. Only members of a group are able to see content and interact with the rest of the group, so prayer requests are confidential to our church.


The group is administered by our Pastors so they have to agree to new names being added (a further tier of security!)

Prayer is a vital part of any church life.


Here at Leigh Elim we take prayer seriously. We want to engage as many people as we can in our prayer life and recognise that many simply are unable to make organised prayer meeting due to other commitments such as work and family. Many still want to be involved. We also need to share prayer requests quickly and easily.

To facilitate all this we have set up a Prayer Network using BAND to make this possible (accessible via smartphones as an app, or on computers via the internet) .


Anyone connected to Leigh Elim can take part.

On your Computer at

On your Smartphone by searching for

'Band - Organize your groups'

in your App Store

So, How can I Join the
Leigh Elim Prayer Network?
How is band used?

Prayer requests can be added by any of the group, and anyone will be able to reply. We ask that when you see these requests that you take a moment to stop and prayer for them.


We also share our prayer meetings LIVE on the site so even if you can’t be present you can follow it and interact with it as it happens, or view it all later at your convenience when you can take a moment or two to pray through the requests.

If you have any problems, please do speak to the pastors.

Of course, if you have confidential or sensitive prayer requests that you wish to share with the Pastors, but not with the rest of the group you can contact the pastors privately by email, phone or in person.

Alternatively there is a private message feature through BAND which you can use to message the pastors (or any other members of the group)

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Our Policies

Leigh Elim Church

A member of Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance Reg Charity No 251549 (England & Wales)