Ups and Downs

I am still getting used to the idea of posting Blogs and particularly how to get these uploaded onto the website.

As you may know, we have had to rush up to Yorkshire as Ann's mum has been rushed into hospital. On Wednesday she was told she needed emergency surgery to save her life, with a less than 50% chance that she would survive. She got her head round this and was at Peace that she might finally go home to see Jesus. They then decided to wait till the next day and asked that Ann and her sister would meet the consultant and the second opinion doctor on Thursday morning to discuss the outcome of the operation then scheduled for Thursday afternoon. We got the church praying.

Just before we left to go to the hospital Ann rang to say we were on our way and was told the operation had been cancelled and we could see the consultant at 3pm during normal visiting hours

This afternoon Ann saw the consultant who told her that yesterday he felt that it was Life or Death, the scan he had in front of him showed the tumour had grown and on the point of perforating the bowel which necessitated an emergency operation. He assumed that the pain she was in was as a result of that. He insisted she had another CT scan prior to the op. This scan was very different, showing that the tumour had hardly grown since Christmas. He now believes the pain is as a result of a urine infection treated by intravenous antibiotics. The operation will become an elective possibility in a few weeks rather than an emergency one today. A MIRACLE. The down side is that Pauline has got her self prepared for the operation and likelihood of meeting Jesus. She is now feeling very depressed and doesn't know how to cope. We are going to stay up here and see what the next chapter brings and help her over this traumatic time. She still needs to get well from the infection and make decisions about if and when to have the op.

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