That shows my unregenerate self.

I never thought about how hard it would be to be away from our family....our church family that is. We keep seeing all our folks posting their Prayer Requests on Band and feel a long way away even if its only been two days. When one hurts we all hurt. If you need to talk we are only at the end of the phone.

During the service on Sunday there was a precious moment when the elder and church leaders prayed for us. Afterwards, I shared that for me this time away will be challenging as I have to deal with my own preconceived ideas of prayer. John said he had a picture of a blank canvas for me.

We all have these preconceived ideas; as Christians we tend to live in black and white worlds - we know what we believe and there isn't any room for the maybes. Jesus is the Saviour of the world, we are saved by believing in Him - no maybes. So when we come across differing theology or thoughts, our natural tendency is to put it in the "Wrong" folder, that all things associated with it are wrong. Most of the times this is the right thing to do but for us now we have to stop doing that and with honest open hearts look at some of this grey teaching and see if there is anything of value in it. Is there stuff we can learn, maybe it is wrong but do we know why?

If you go to Bible College you quickly learn that you have to confront things that you don't agree with. If you don't then all you do is become bigoted.

So we are starting to make a list of the stuff that maybe grey or just maybe wrong.

We want to learn what is best and what isn't, and know why there is a difference.

For deeper thought, why not read the article, if you can, that was posted on facebook from Eugene Peterson about church growth.

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