Being a Man of Prayer

For over 20 years I served as a policeman working the streets, during this time I saw the worst that man can do to man. In the end this left me broken, hurt, and unable to function until after almost two years God stepped in and healed me.

Shortly after this amazing miracle Ann and I went to the USA for the first time and stayed for a week with some Christian friends in a Tee Pee enjoying a week of open air fun re-enacting the pioneer days of the early settlers to the USA, we cooked on open fires, shot black powder guns and dressed as early settlers. For a man brought up playing Cowboys and Indians as a child this was a dream come true. In an evening we sat around a camp fire with guitars singing and worshipping under the stars.

One day a First Nation (Indian) came to the encampment wearing all his Native costume (regalia), he was a Blackfoot Chief but also a Christian with a fantastic prophetic gift. He wore feathers, leather clothes and had a necklace (breastplate) made of beads and bone and a rich native headdress. In the evening as we were sitting round the camp fire he came over to Ann and said that he had a word from the Lord for her; up to that point we hadn't spoken to him and no one there was privy to our past. He took off the necklace and gave it to Ann; in the centre of the necklace was his Purple Heart. He explained he had won it in battle, having being injured. He said God had told him to give it to Ann as she had been wounded loving her husband and made the simple connection with Christ being wounded for us. Amazing stuff!.

He then gave me his prayer stick, an ornamental piece of wood and leather saying he saw me as a mighty man of prayer. I accepted it but hardly gave it a thought being blown away by what he had said to Ann. That prayer stick has remained in our house ever since gathering dust on a shelf. I was happy to accept his prophetic gift for Ann but failed to see that this was direct confirmation of what God had to say to me.

Many years have gone by: I see myself as an evangelist, pastor, children's worker even a chef. But a man of Prayer?

I do pray . I pray for the church, individuals, situations, I lead prayer meetings (often reluctantly and always surprised at how powerful they are) but I have never considered myself as a man of prayer.

Until now.

The Korean Prayer School focuses on creating men and women of Prayer.

I have had to spend some time repenting of my attitude, as I am so often a rebellious soul, and accepting, absolutely...... that God wants me to be that man of Prayer

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