Failure isn't an option: its a necessity

During our time away I have enjoyed writing my Blog, so have decided to keep at it. If you like these musings and find them helpful, let me know and I will keep it going, but like they say "its no good flogging a dead horse".

The other week our granddaughter came home from school in tears. The school had been running "We've got talent" competition and along with half of her class she had entered it hoping to be voted as the class choice for the next round. She didn't make it.

On the one hand as a granddad I felt for her, but on the other I wanted to applaud the school for making her fail. The truth was, she hadn't practiced and didn't have the words for the song she was singing with her. I hope she has learnt a valuable lesson. Hard maybe, but let me elaborate...

We live in a world that wants to say to our youngsters "You are a winner even if you don't win!" Competitive sports are being outlawed, and anything that may make a child fail are being removed. Parents are reinforcing this at home so their little darlings don't have to face the possibility of failure. I was talking to a couple of mums this week who will actively ensure that their children don't always win: whether that is a game of cards or a game of monopoly. They understand the reality of the world our kids will inhabit: we don't always win or succeed. We will be shouted at, demoted or not promoted because at time we fail.

As Christians this is huge! You see, its only in failure that we see redemption, repentance and restoration.

The Bible offers us two versions of God's amazing love. Both are true but need to be held in tension.

I have been listening to a song that Phil had at his wedding called "Reckless Love". I am not sure I like it to much, but it reminds me that Jesus left the 99 to find me when I wandered. This isn't an evangelistic message, but one about followers of Jesus leaving the flock and wandering away and how God pursues them.

The second picture is the Prodigal so who deliberately wanders away and the father waits till the son comes to his right mind with repentance and returns home, where he is standing with open arms and forgiveness for his son's return.

The truth is, we will all at sometime turn away and maybe get totally lost. God may chase us to bring us home or may wait till circumstances drive us back to our waiting Father. Redemption, repentance and restoration are all there for each of us. If you have kids or family that have walked away, don't give up. He hasn't!

Let's lovingly help our kids and grandkids to know its OK to fail and that there is life after failure for all of us.

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