Have we read it?

Our website that is. How many of us log in every day or every week or even every month to see what is happening in church as seen through the eyes of our website? Not many I guess.

So why do we bother? Maria spends hours each week updating and changing the site with all the latest details about us as a church, she has spent days sorting out the GDPR stuff and what a good job she has done.

So why? The answer is that it's for those outside church to see and be able to contact us. This week we have had prayer requests from Sweden and somewhere else and we regularly get mums and toddlers to our groups because they have seen it on the web. A Google search brings up Leigh Elim if you look for a toddler group in the area.

The Royal Wedding has got people talking. Not just about the dress or the Paige boys, but about faith. The Christians are arguing that the Bishop didn't go far enough or was too much about universal love. But what I have read from non church people is very different. Hundreds have taken to social media to say how challenging his message was, some are saying it was too long but they are talking about it.

I have never seen this before, there is an open door for conversation. It wont last long as the news cycle will soon move on but for the next few days what an opportunity. Did you see the wedding? What did you make of the Black Bishop at a C of E wedding, in front of Royalty? If they say they loved the preach then guess what? That's what our church is like every week only the music is more modern.

If God can use a donkey he can certainly use an American Bishop to get people talking.

If you see comments on social media, get engaged with it, before its is too late. Chat to your friends about it.

Point them to Jesus or at least to our website.

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