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Today we will be travelling over the Heathrow to meet and greet our South Korean Prayer Team. They will be with us for a week.

Feel free to join us each night from Tuesday 10pm to midnight as we pray for this Nation and on Saturday morning at 9am for a leaders Breakfast where the Koreans will be speaking about life and faith in Korea, and praying for us here in the UK.

Having a team and meeting them isn't the goal of this week. Getting the Team involved with church activities isn't the goal of this week. May I be as bold as to say that getting the Koreans to pray for us and with us isn't the goal of the week.

Seeing God MOVE - that's what I am excited about. That's the goal of this week! Miracles - that's the goal of this week; lives touched and transformed by the Power of the Holy Spirit - that's the goal of this week.

Three years ago when the Korean team were coming, the passage from Isaiah 54 was the focus of our thoughts. My thoughts were that we would experience a stretching in each of our own personal lives as we grew in love and faith. What I didn't expect was a growth in numbers and particularly the growth in our youth, that keeps growing as each month we are seeing new families being added to the church.

So, what of this year? Honestly, I don't know. Having a team here is great, but it cant be all. I have been particularly struck by the phrase "Do not hold back". The tent is already on the ground we own, we are not taking any additional ground. What we are doing is making a bigger space for God to inhabit, a bigger place for His presence.

So what do you want this year? Its time to start to get excited for the future....whatever that might look like. Its dangerous to think we have made it, that church is great and we don't need more, or that we have made it and we don't need more.

What miracle would you like to see for yourself this year? What miracle would you like to see this year for your family, your community, your church?

Yesterday I had a glimpse of what God can do. We had a child dedication service with lots of visitors, one person who doesn't attend a church left with a huge smile saying "I don't normally go to church but I feel as though I have been cleansed today".

So what about you? Time to get excited! Don't hold back with your expectations. Stretch your faith, let God surprise you.

Here is the next easy quiz:


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