Hammock time

One of the saddest things I get to hear is: " Sorry I cant do that as I am away" . There is such pressure on everyone of us today to perform at ridiculous levels whether we are in a business environment or just a grandma struggling to help her kids out by looking after her kids.

So toady I want to say stop apologising.

Days off, and holidays are God's idea. If it was good enough for God then its good enough for us.

Even at creation God spent six days creating and on the seventh day rested. Why? Was he tired? No, He stopped to enjoy what he had created. Rest was God's idea. In the cool of the evening He came and walked with His creation, not to do more work but to enjoy that amazing time. I would love to have been a fly on the palm tree then to hear what they talked about. Hey how was your day? Brill Lord we named that animal an Elephant because it made us laugh.

As a church its time for us to sit back and take a rest. We work with volunteers who happily give up time to help with all we do. Thank you one and all. But during summer we stop many of our activities as those we reach out to are away and so you as Team can take a well deserved rest and recharge.

Stop saying sorry for not being available. Ann and I are away on our hols so one final word.


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