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Social Media Policy

Click here to download a copy of our Social Media Consent Information

Social Media and Website Consent

At Leigh Elim Church, we make use of a number of social and digital media platforms for a range of purposes.

Our church has a website ( where we publish information about our church, our activities and events, and media (including recordings of our Sunday sermons and images taken at church events). This information is publicly accessible, and all information listed on our calendar is published via Google Calendars, meaning that events can be shared by others with a Google Account who request and are approved to do so.


Our church has 2 Facebook pages/groups;

Leigh Elim Church (Page) – This is publicly accessible and is where we share information regarding upcoming services, promotional information for church events and updates regarding the running of church activities. Its predominant purpose is to communicate with potential visitors of the church.

Leigh Elim Church Community (Group) – This group is set up for communicating with our church members or regular visitors. In order to view content posted on this group page, you must first request to be a member, and be approved by a ‘admin’ user from our group (consisting of members of our church Leadership Team). Members are welcome to post updates, thoughts and comments about church activities, as well as pictures of activity within our church. All group members can see content posted within the group, but this information is not made available to other members of the public.


Band is an app which we have been using as a church predominantly for the purpose of a Prayer Network. Church members can only join a Band group when sent an invitation from a member of the leadership team. Posts and comments are only visible to those invited to be part of each specific group.


We also have a twitter account which is used to share information about church activities, mostly using photographs. This platform is public, and so content will only be posted with consent, and is only posted by members of our Leadership Team, who are also responsible for approving ‘followers’ who can see our posts on their account.


Some church groups also use WhatsApp as their means of communication. This app using contacts mobile numbers and connects via WIFI to send messages/images/files. Members who use this app agree to their mobile phone number being shared with other members of the WhatsApp group (see consent form attached)


Privacy of information
Leigh Elim Church is responsible for the privacy of its members’ information. We request consent to be given by each member of our church to ensure that images/content is only shared about those who are happy for us to do so.


IMPORTANT: If we do not have written consent, we cannot permit posts to be shared on our group pages. It is important therefore that if you do wish to share information, testimonies, prayer requests etc about or on behalf of someone else, that they are anonymised for their privacy (first name only etc), or alternatively we are firstly provided with written permission that these stories/requests can be shared with our members (by letter, email or message).


Also, it is important to note that on social media there are 2 main methods of posting information; publicly on the timeline (main page) of a group as a Post, or privately via a message. If the content you wish to share is only intended for one person, or a select group of people, please ensure that you use the message function on our Social Media Platforms. If you post content more publicly on our pages, it may go against our privacy policy.


Personal Pastoral Request
We advise that all personal, pastoral concerns are not posted via our social media pages, but instead are shared with the Pastors directly via email, letter, private message or in person. This ensures the confidentiality of all personal issues shared with our Pastors

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