We believe that our giving is an act of worship and a way of saying thanks to God for all He has done through Jesus.

We have outgoings as a local church such as bills, salaries and community events. All of this has to be raised locally, we do not receive funding from Elim HQ.

Your tithes and offerings ensure the functioning of local projects such as pastoral care funds for those in need and subsidising our parent and toddler groups as well as maintaining our building.

Every financial gift is a real blessing to us, and we thank all those who are able to help us financially, whether on a regular or a one-off basis.

Scroll down to see the different ways you can give.

You can give online by clicking here!


You can give by texting "CL007" to 64647 and following the instructions.

You can call our church elder, John to discuss giving. Feel free to use the contact page to request a call from John.