About us


Leigh Elim is more than just a church. We are a family!

A family, supporting each other in prayer, encouragement and sharing God’s truths. 

As the first Elim Church in England, based in Leigh-on-Sea, we have a heart for our local community and we aim to partner with the Holy Spirit to create an atmosphere that makes you feel welcome and at home when you walk through our doors. 

Leadership Team


Here you can learn more about the church leadership team.


John Young

John is currently our only elder, as such, he takes joint responsibility for the spiritual and prayer development within the church.
In his time at Leigh Elim, over 25 years, John has seen a lot of changes.


But the biggest change is seeing peoples lives impacted in their relationship with God.
You will often find John behind a drum kit or looking after the church finances!


Irene Young

Irene heads up our music and worship teams within the church. As part of this, she led a music workshop for budding musicians, and gets involved with organising worship for external events.


Irene loves crafts and making cards, as you will probably soon realise when attending Leigh Elim.


Philip Purkiss

Phil takes charge of our growing group of young people here at Leigh Elim. He organises our youth events and clubs and is so encouraged by their faith, and the questions they ask as they explore more about who Jesus is and what their faith means to them.


Phil is involved with many aspects of church life, including helping with our sound desk and preaching on a Sunday morning, whilst developing his ministry.


Maria Purkiss

Maria is our church secretary and admin. It doesn’t stop there though. Maria is part of our worship team, and supports Phil in leading the youth at Leigh Elim, as well a preaching on occasions too! 


Maria loves finding new ways to serve God and encourage our young people.


Pauline Levitt

Pauline has been a member of our church for a long time and for many years has been a part of our wonderful Sunday School.

Pauline's role is to oversee our Sunday School activities as we seek to teach our children more about Jesus and help them build foundations in their faith.


Maureen Bottley

With her background in catering, Maureen heads up all things catering at Leigh Elim. We are very thankful for Maureen and her team of volunteers, consistently providing us with fantastic catering!


You will often hear and see Maureen passionately encouraging our congregation as she continues to grow in the gifts God gives her.


Hannah Phaup

Hannah not only helps lead worship but will also soon be taking on the finances of the church.


Hannah's servant heart is such a blessing to our team, and she often has worshipful and prayerful words of wisdom to encourage our church family, as well as most recently taking the brave step to the front to bring us God's Word on a Sunday morning.

Find out more about Elim

As an Elim church, we share a set of foundational beliefs with all other Elim churches.


These can be found by clicking here!

Not only are we an Elim church, but we were the first Elim Church in England!


More about our history can be found by clicking here!